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Climb Performance Therapies takes a team approach, utilizing the knowledge of a physical therapist, personal trainer and a registered dietitian to connect the nutritional needs of an individual with their physical abilities to prevent or abolish pain, recover from injury or surgery, stop the development of disease, and slow disease progression.



Did you know that what you eat affects how you recover from an injury or a surgery? At Climb, we combine a physical therapist and registered dietitian to address the physical and nutritional needs of an individual.

This allows you to recover more quickly and to regain your prior level of function and reach your personal goals.


Are you constantly having some type of pain that is causing you to interact less with others and avoid certain activities? At Climb, we know you are more than your pain and capable of returning to a more active lifestyle. Both physical activity and nutrition are important to consider when addressing chronic pain. We are here to help teach you about pain and assess how we can help alleviate symptoms that stop you from participating in daily activities and hobbies.

Egg and Avocado Salad


At the end of the day, we want to help you avoid surgery, medication, pain and disease all together.


By coming to Climb first, we can address your nutritional and physical needs to help you stay healthy and capable of living a joyful,

active lifestyle.


I have lived with chronic pain for years. It was discovered that I have FAI and a torn labrum in both hips. I am 27 years old with an infant. I thought I was going to have to have two hip surgeries and go on disability from teaching. That is until I met Brittany and Lydia. They changed my life. Both Lydia and Brittany are incredibly talented and knowledgeable  in what they do! I have been to countless doctors, and I have never had medical professionals that are so compassionate. They truly care and want you to succeed. These two will be your biggest cheerleaders in your journey to a pain free life! I have learned that I am more than my pain, and I can do so much more than I thought I could. I am so glad I did not have surgery, but instead changed my diet and added exercises that helped strengthen my body. Thank you Climb Physical Therapy and Nutrition! 

Katherine D.

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